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Basic Electrical Engineering
The goal of Basic Electrical is to provide some basic information about electrical circuits .It develops the basic concept for a full understanding of Electricity, Machine and Power .This courseware introduces the basic concepts of electrical by use of analogies, animations, simulation and examples.
Unit 1: Electrical Circuit Analysis

The objective of this Unit is to learn about Voltage and Current sources ,L C R component, Dependent and independent Sources, Sources conversion, Analysis of D.C. circuits, KCL and KVL, Mesh And loop analysis Concept of dummy node and dummy mesh with simulation, Thevenin’s, Norton’s, Maximum Power and Superposition theorem, Star Delta circuits.
Unit 2: AC Circuits
The objective of this Unit is to learn about Review of single- phase AC circuits under sinusoidal steady state, Active, Reactive and Apparent power, Power factor, Three phase AC circuits , Star and Delta connections, Three phase source and load, Analysis of balanced and unbalanced systems, Power in three phase circuits and their measurements.
Unit 3: Magnetic Circuits
The objective of this Unit is to learn about Review of laws of electromagnetism, Flux, mmf and their relation, Analysis of magnetic and electric circuits, Saturation, B –H curves, fringing and leakage,AC excitation in magnetic circuits induced voltage, Hysteresis effect and eddy currents.
Unit 4: Transformers
Single – phase transformer, Basic concepts and construction features, Type of transformers, Voltage, current and impedance transformation, Equivalent circuits, Per unit system, Voltage regulation, losses and efficiency, Testing of transformers, Auto transformers.
Unit 5: Rotating Electric Machines
The objective of this Unit is to learn about Basic concepts, Working principle and general construction of DC machines (motor and generator), three phase and single phase induction motors and synchronous machines.
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