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Data Structure
SKU-Data Structure is an online training course designed for the students of Computer Science. This is a self study package explains basic concepts in interesting and innovative manner with graphical user interface. Different topics are explained with flash animations, analogies and suitable illustrative examples. Interactive simulations are provided for clear understanding of the concepts. Frequently asked questions and quiz are provided with every topic for self evaluation of students. This course is suitable for Computer Science students.
Structural programming, top-down design. Abstract data type, implementation of arrays, triangular arrays, structures, character strings, Pointers dynamic memory management.
Stacks - their concepts and implementation, multiple stacks. Conversion of infix to postfix notation using stack, evaluation of postfix expression, recursion, how recursion- works, queues their concepts and implementation, Dqueue, primary queues.
Singly linked list, implementation linked list using arrays, implementation of linked list using dynamic memory allocation circular link list, Josphus problem, doubly linked list, polynomial manipulation using linked list, representation of sparse matrices, drawback of linked list.
Various sorting algorithms viz. bubble sort, selection sort, inserted sort, Quicksort, merge sort, shell sort address calculation sort and heap sort, tree sort, complexity of the algorithm.
Linked List
Linked List is data structure used for collecting a sequence of objects. Here we learn about single linked list, double linked list and their operation.
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