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Microprocessor and Microcontroller
The goal of SKU- Microprocessor and Microcontroller is to provide basic information about microprocessor and Microcontroller and their peripherals. It develops the basic concept for a full understanding of microprocessor, Microcontroller and its peripherals in a manner that is clearer, interesting, and easier to understand through innovative graphical user interface which is easy to learn and extremely efficient to use. The course is developed as a self-study package with easy-to-navigate interface, explaining difficult electronics concepts by analogies, flash animations and examples.
Unit 1: Architecture of 16-Bit Microprocessor
Internal organization of 8086, Signal descriptions, Physical memory organization, BIU, EU, Minimum mode 8086 system and timings, Maximum mode 8086 system and timing, Evolution of microprocessors, Architecture of 8086( Register structure, ALU, Bus Organization, Timing and Control).
Unit 2: Assembly Language Programming
Addressing modes, Instruction set, Assembler directives and Operators, Data movement instructions, Arithmetic and logic instructions, Program control instructions, and Recursive procedures.
Unit 3: Special Architectural Features and Related Programming
Stack structure, Interrupts and Interrupt service routine, Interrupt programming, Macros, Timings and delays. Basic Peripherals and Their Interfacing: Memory interfacing, Interfacing I/O ports, Programmable Interval Timer (8253/8254), Programmable Peripheral Interface (8255), Programmable Interrupt Controller (8259), Interfacing A/D and D/A converters.
Unit 4: 8051 Microcontroller and Interfacing
Microcontroller 8051- Architecture, Pin Diagram, I/O Ports, Internal RAM and Registers, Timer, Counter, Interrupts, Addressing Modes, Memory Organization and External Addressing, Instruction Set, Assembly Language Programming, Real Time Applications of Microcontroller- Interfacing with LCD, ADC, DAC, Stepper Motor, Key Board and Sensors.
Unit 5: Embedded System and its Application
Introduction, Classification, Processors, Hardware Units, Software Embedded into System, Applications and Products of Embedded Systems, Structural Units in Processor, Memory Devices, I/O Devices, Buses, Interfacing of Processor Memory and I/O Devices, Case Study of an Embedded System for a Smart Card.
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