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VLSI - Physics of Semiconductor (Module 1)
SKU- VLSI offers a solid platform for future designers in VLSI For the convenience of Students, it is divided in 3 modules, each having its own importance in VLSI. Animation, Simulation, Graphs, Derivations & real life analogies making the lectures easy to grasp & intriguing.
Module 1.1: Semiconducting Materials & their Crystal Structures
Semiconductors, Arrangement of atoms in a semiconductor, Unit Cell, Crystal Structures, Miller Indices
Module 1.2 Quantum Physics Behind the Semiconductor Materials
Bohr model, De-Broglie wave equation, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, Postulates of Quantum Mechanics, Schrodinger wave equation, Time independent Schrodinger wave equation, Time dependent Schrodinger wave equation, Potential well concept.
Module 1.3: Band Structure
Periodic Potential, Bloch Theorem, Kronig Penny Model, Schrodinger wave equation of periodic potential, Effective mass, Properties of energy bands, E-K diagram.
Module 1.4: Density of States
Density of states, Energy gaps, Density of states in 1D & 3D, Fermi Dirac Statistics, Concentration of charge carriers, Intrinsic & Extrinsic materials, Electron- hole pair, Fermi level, Intrinsic level.
Module 1.5: Equilibrium Statistics
Charge Neutrality, Fermi Function, Statistics of donor acceptor level, Spin & anti spin of electrons in dopants, Relationship between Charge carrier concentration & Temperature, Non-Equilibrium systems, Recombination & Generation, Steady State, Transient Response.
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