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Data Communication
Data communication is an application of telecommunications technology which occurs a high speed data exchange between computers and/or other electronic devices via cable or wireless. Our portal for data communication is a web-enabled system that makes information and knowledge accessible to those who need it, when they need it-anytime, anywhere. Developing text with visual approach, clarity in work, creative animations, images, graphics, and simulations simplify and illustrate complex concepts. It is user-friendly solution for satisfying continuing education requirements and creates interest. This Educational Portal develops the ability to understand the topics and flow of thoughts.
Unit 1: Basic Data Communication Concepts
This unit of data communication i.e. basic data communication concepts includes study of several topologies, Types of transmission like Serial, Parallel, Asynchronous, Synchronous, Modes of transmission such Simplex, Half Duplex and Full duplex, Study of some devices like Port Sharing Devices, Front End Processor, Line Splitter, Data Compression Devices and unit ends up with an important topic Multiplexing and their types.
Unit 2: Data Interfaces and Transmission
This unit includes Interface standards such as RS 232, RS 449, RS 422 and RS 423, Study of Remote Digital Transmission i.e. ISDN and study of Modems and their different types.
Unit 3: Data Integrity and Security
This Unit deals with Data Integrity and Security which includes detail of Data Integrity and Methods of Error Detection such as Longitudinal Redundancy Check, Vertical Redundancy Check, Cyclic Redundancy Check, Checksums, Echo Checking Parity, and Hamming Code then at last study of Security and Security Measuring.
Unit 4: Architectures and Protocols
This Unit starts with study of OSI Model including study of Networking and Internetworking Devices such as Repeater, Routers, Bridges etc., Study of Data link Control and their functions such as Polling and Selecting, Flow Control, Methods of error control like Automatic Repeat Request then Binary Synchronous Communication Frame, Synchronous Data Link Control and Study of protocols like TCP/IP.
Unit 5: Data Transport Network
This is the last unit of Data Communication which deals with Networks such as LAN, MAN and WAN and then Study of Switching and their methods such as Circuit Switching, Packet Switching and Message Switching.
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