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Engineering Drawing
Engineering drawing which is also called Engineering graphics is sem-I subject it is important for all engineering students but for Mechanical & Civil engineering students this subjects plays very vital role. SKU Engineering Drawing is accommodated with three dimensional animations which help students to visualize the objects in the positions asked in the questions. Drawings have been drawn in correct sequences with neat and clean sketches and steps of how to draw it. SKU makes Engineering Drawing easy for every Engineering student. Students will get step by step procedure to draw every drawing whether it is line’s projection, solid’s projection, plane’s projection or whatever.
This topic explains the representative fraction of scales and various types of scales that include plain scale, diagonal scale, comparative scale, Vernier scale and scale of chord with examples along with the method of construction of scale and method of measurement in individual scale.
Curves Used in Engineering
The engineering curves include different conics sections like: ellipse, parabola and hyperbola, Cycloidal curves like: Cycloid, epicycloid, hypocycloid, trochoids, spirals and involutes and method of drawing tangent and normal to these curves.
Projections of Points
Projections of points explain projection of point in first quadrants, second quadrant, third quadrant and fourth quadrant with their respective examples.
Projections of Straight Lines
This topic explains the projections of straight line in different positions like: Line parallel to one or both reference planes, line contained by one or both reference planes, line perpendicular to one of the planes, line inclined to one reference plane and parallel to other, line inclined to both planes and their traces.
Projections of Planes
This topic explains projections of planes parallel to one of the reference planes, Projections of planes inclined to one of the reference planes and perpendicular to other, Projections of plane perpendicular to both planes, Projection of plane inclined to both planes.
Projections of Solids
This topic contains various types of solids like Prisms, pyramids, cones and cylinders with their projections in different positions like Projection of solid having axis perpendicular to HP or VP, projections of solids with axes inclined to one plane and parallel to other, projection of solids having axes inclined to both the planes.
Sections of Solids
Sections of solids explain sections of the four types of solids: Prisms, pyramid, cylinder and cone by different sections planes like: Section plane parallel to VP or HP, Section plane perpendicular to one reference plane and inclined to other and so on.
Development of Surfaces
This topic explains the development of prisms and development of truncated prisms, development of pyramid and truncated pyramid, development of cylinder and truncated cylinder, development of cone and truncated cone.
Intersection of Surfaces
This topic explains intersection of two prisms, intersection of two cylinders, intersection of prism and cylinder, intersection of cone and cylinder, intersection of cone and prism, intersection of cone and cone.
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