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Television and Radar Engineering
Television(TV) and Radar Engineering is a subject which has been designed to meet the requirements of Modern Technology on ‘Television Engineering’ for Electrical and Electronics Engineering students at the Degree level. It will also meet the needs of a comprehensive course on TV and Radar Engineering in Polytechnics and Technical Schools. In addition to this Course, it also helps the students who are engaged in self study will get the benefits very much from the Contents and Simulation Process. The matter has been so presented that any Engineering student with a basic knowledge of the various electronic building blocks and fundamentals of communication systems will have no difficulty in understanding the subjects.
Unit 1: Television Engineering
Television transmitter, television receiver, scanning, composite video signal, synchronizing banking and equalizing pulses, modulation, vestigial sideband transmission, picture tube, image orthicon tube , vidicon camera tube, plumbicon picture tube
Unit 2: Radio Wave Propagation and TV Antenna
Radio wave propagation, interference suffered by carrier signal, antenna requirement, TV transmitter antenna, TV receiver antenna, color TV antenna, requirement of TV broadcast system, TV broadcast channel allocation, CCTV system.
Unit 3: Essential of Color TV and Various Color System Scheme
Essentials of color television, frequency interleaving, NTSC color system transmitter, NTSC color system receiver, PAL color television system, PAL-D color system, PAL-D color receiver, secam color system transmitter, secam color system receiver.
Unit 4: High Definition Television
HDTV, Plasma display, LCD display
Unit 5: Introduction to Radar Engineering
Radar basics, pulse radar, continuous wave radar, FMCW radar, MTI radar, delay line canceller, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), airport surveillance radar, instrument landing system.
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