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Cellular Mobile Communication
Importance of Cellular and Mobile Communication is well known in various engineering fields. This e-book contains neat and clean block diagrams to describe the concepts of Mobile Communication along with solved examples of regarding topics.
Unit 1
Very first unit of Cellular Mobile Communication contains Introduction to Mobile System, Different Generation of Mobile Communication, Cellular Concepts and Different Types of Cells, Performance Criteria of Mobile System and Different Types of Cellular Systems.
Unit 2
This unit explains various Components of Cellular Systems like Mobile Radios, Antennas, Cell Site, Base Station Controller and MTSO, various antennas of Mobile Systems and Battery Fundamentals.
Unit 3
This unit deals with Reflection, Diffraction and Scattering, Propagation path loss of Mobile System, Transmission Medium Model, Cell Coverage and Prediction Curves, Adjacent Cell Interference (ACI), Fading in Mobile Channel.
Unit 4
Present unit explains Modulation Techniques for Mobile System. AM, FM, BPSK, DPSK, QPSK, BFSK, MSK (Minimum Shift Keying), M-ary PSK, M-ary FSK, QAM.
Unit 5
This unit explains Operation of Cellular Systems, Frequency Reuse Channels, System Capacity and Channel Assignment Strategies.
Unit 6
This unit deals with Handoff in Mobile Systems, Intersystem Handoff and Umbrella Cells, Handoff Parameters, Cell Splitting and Cell Sectoring.
Unit 7
This unit explains Digital Cellular Systems, Global System for Mobile (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA).
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