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Basic Computer Engineering
Basic Computer Engineering: This course explains all the basic concepts of computer engineering, hardware and software both. There are lots of animations and high quality graphics included with necessary theory to make this SKU subject rich and explanatory to students.
Basic Computer
Computer: Definition, Classification, Organization i.e. CPU, register, Bus architecture, Instruction set, Memory & Storage Systems, I/O Devices, System & Application Software. Computing Ethics, Computer Application in e-Business, Bio-Informatics, health Care, Remote Sensing & GIS, Meteorology and Climatology, Computer Gaming, Multimedia and Animation etc.
C++ Programming
C++ : Features Character, Tokens, Precedence and Associativity, Program Structure, Data Types, Variables, Operators, Expressions, Statements and control structures, I/O operations, Array, Functions, Structures & Unions, Object & Classes, Constructors & Destructors, Overloading Functions & Operators, Derived Classes and Inheritance
Data base Management System: Introduction, File oriented approach and Database approach, Data Models, Architecture of Database System, Data independence, Data dictionary, DBA, Primary Key, Data definition language and Manipulation Languages.
Computer Network
Computer Networking: Introduction, Goals, ISO-OSI Model, Functions of Different Layers. Internetworking Concepts, Devices, TCP/IP Model. Introduction to Internet, World Wide Web, Network Security & E-commerce
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