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Physics (Class 11 / Grade 11)
The course deals with concepts of Physics of class XI. It develops the better understanding of basic concepts through animations and examples. User interactive simulation added to each concept which provide learner with innovative and intresting practice environment.
Definition of Vector, Types of Vectors, Vector Addition, Laws of Vector Addition, Resolution of Vectors, Product of Vectors.
Motion in a Straight Line
Definition, Type of Motion, Classification of Motion, Uniform Motion, Distance and Displacement, Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, Equations of Motion.
Motion in Two Dimension
Projectile Motion, Horizontal Projection, Vertical Projection, Uniform circular Motion, River Case, Rain Case
Laws of Motion
Rest and Motion, Action and Reaction, Balancing of Force, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Law of Conservation Momentum, Rocket Propulsion, Friction, Angle of Repose, Friction, angle of Repose, Bending of Cyclist, Car on a Banked Circular Track.
Work, Energy and Power
Work, Energy, Work-Energy Theorem, conservative and Non Conservative Force, Energy conservation Law, Power, Collision, Newton’s Law of Collision, Perfectly Elastic Collision, Perfectly Inelastic Collision.
Rotational Motion
Definitions, Moment of Inertia, Theorems on Moment of Inertia, Moment of Inertia in Different Body, Moment of Force ( Torque ), Angular Momentum, Angular Momentum Conservation Law, Rotational Kinetic Energy, Rolling on Inclined Plane with Slipping.
Gravitation and Satellite
Newton’s Law of Gravitation, Relation between g and G, Variation of g with Height, Depth and Latitude, Gravitational Potential Energy, Escape Velocity
Satellite, Orbital Velocity, Geo-Stationary Satellite
Oscillations (Simple Harmonic Motion)
Definition, Simple Harmonic Motion, Graphs, SHM of a body Attached with Spring, Parallel Combination of the Springs, Series Combination of the Springs, Simple Pendulum
Waves Type, Kind of Mechanical Waves, Progressive Waves, Standing Waves, type of Standing Waves, Doppler’s Effect.
Definition, Pascal’s Law and Effect of Gravity on Pascal’s Law, Hydraulic Lift, Buoyancy and Archimedes Principle.
Definition, Coefficient of Viscosity, Terminal Speed, Principle of Continuity, Bernoulli’s Theorem, Venturimeter, Torricelli’s Theorem.
Thermometry and Thermal Expansion

Definition, Heat Vs Temperature, Temperature Scales, Jolly’s Thermometer, Regnault’s Apparatus
Definition, Thermodynamic Process and Types, Indicator Diagram, Work Done by Gaseous System, First Law of Thermodynamics, Application and Irreversible Process, Isothermal Process, Adiabatic Process.
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Gases Law, Gases Equation, Universal and Specific Gas Content, Postulates Theory Different Type of Velocities, Degree of Freedom.
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