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Physics (Class 12 / Grade 12)
The course deals with concepts of Physics of class XII. It develops the better understanding of basic concepts through animations and examples. User interactive simulation added to each concept which provide learner with innovative and interesting practice environment.
Unit 1.1: Electrostatic Force and Field
Frictional electricity, Pith Ball Experiment, Electric Charges, Properties of Electric Charges Coulomb's law, Electrostatic and Gravitational Force, Relative Permittivity, Continuous Charge Distribution.
Electric Field and Field Strength, Properties of Electric Lines of Force; Different Charge Distributions, Uniformly Charged Ring.
Electric Dipole, Dipole at Different Points, Dipole in Uniform Electric Field, Motion of Electron in Electric Field
Unit1.2: Electrostatics Potential and Gauss Theorem
Unit1.3: Conductors, Capacitors and Dielectric
Unit2.1: Electric Current
Unit2.2: Sources of EMF and Kirchhoff’s Law
Unit2.3: Thermal Effect of Current
Unit2.4: Chemical Effect of Current
Unit 2.5: Thermo Electric Effect of Current
Unit 3.1: Magnetic Effect of Current
Unit3.2: Magnetism
Unit4.1: Electromagnetic Induction
Unit4.2: Transient Currents
Unit4.3: Alternating Currents
Unit4.4: Electrical Machines and Devices
Unit5.1: Electromagnetic Waves
Unit 6.1: Photometry
Unit 6.2: Reflection of Light
Unit 6.3: Refraction of Light
Unit 6.4: Dispersion
Unit 6.5: Optical Instruments
Unit 6.6: Wave Optics
Unit 6.7: Diffraction and Polarization
Unit 7.1: Electrons
Unit 7.2: Photoelectric Effect
Unit 7.3: Wave Nature of Matter
Unit 8.1: Atom
Unit 8.2: Nuclei, Radioactivity and Molecules
Unit 9.1: Solids and Semiconductor Devices
Unit 9.2: Digital Electronics
Unit 10.1: Principles of Communication
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